• Detachment: Shoretroopers
  • Fire Support (When another friendly unit performs a ranged attack, if you have a faceup order token, each mini in your unit may add an eligible weapon to the attack pool. If you do, flip your order token facedown. Limit 1 Fire Support per attack pool.)
  • Full Pivot (When you pivot, you can pivot up to 360°)
  • Reposition (Either before or after you perform a standard move, you may perform a free pivot action.)
  • Sentinel (Your standby range is 1-3)


  • DF-90 Mortar
    • Critical 1 (While converting offensive surges, change up to 1 Dice Surge.png result to a Dice Crit.png result.)
    • Cumbersome (You cannot use this weapon and move [except for pivots] during the same activation.)
    • Suppressive (After you perform an attack, the defender that this weapon was used against gains 1 suppression token.)
    • Fixed: Front (The defender must be inside your front arc.)

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