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Training is a category of upgrade in Star Wars: Legion.

Units that can equip a Training upgrade are:

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Imperial Units
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Rebel Units
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Training Introduced In Point Cost Restrictions Other Text
Duck and Cover Q1 2018 8 (4) None When defending from a Ranged Attack, during the Apply Cover and Dodge tokens step, you may assign yourself 1 Suppression token.
Hunter Q2 2018 6 None While attacking a wounded trooper unit, during the Roll Attack Dice step, you may gain 1 aim token.
Tenacity Q2 2018 4 None While performing a melee attack, if you are wounded or if one or more of your minis have been defeated, add 1 red attack die to your attack pool.
Endurance Q2 2019 6 None At the end of the Activation phase, you may remove 1 suppression token.
Overwatch Q2 2019 4 None You gain Sentinel. (Your standby range is 1-3.)
Offensive Push Q1 2020 4 None While performing a move, gain Tactical 1 (After you perform a standard move, gain 1 aim token.)
Situational Awareness Q3 2020 2 None When equipped to a Support Unit, increase this card's points by 4.

You gain Outmaneuver (You can spend dodge tokens to cancel Crit results.)

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