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Operative is a rank of unit in Star Wars: Legion. Click expand to see the Rules Reference's glossary on "Operative".

The Operative icon.png icon indicates that a unit has the rank of operative. Operatives are powerful villains and heroes, but they rarely issue orders to other units. When building a standard army, a player may include up to two operative units.

  • Each operative has three command cards specific to that operative that can only be used if that operative is included in an army.
    • Operative-specific command cards are identified by the image in the upper-right corner that matches the image on that operative’s unit card.
  • When playing an operative’s command card, the player does not nominate a commander; instead they nominate the operative, and that operative issues orders.
  • When playing a non-operative-specific command card, a player cannot nominate an operative.
  • Any units indicated on an operative’s command card can be issued orders only if they are at range 1–3 of the nominated operative. A nominated operative is at range 1–3 of itself.
  • If all of a players commanders have been defeated, an operative can be promoted to be a new commander. If promoted in this way, it loses the rank of operative and can be nominated as a commander and can issue orders using non-operative-specific command cards during the Command Phase.

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Imperial Units
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Separatist Alliance Units
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Rebel Units
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Galactic Republic Units
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Unit Faction Point Cost Wound Threshold Courage Value Speed Defense Die
Boba Fett Empire 140 5 3 3 Defense die red.png
Bossk Empire 115 7 2 2 Defense die white.png
Darth Vader (Operative) Empire 170 6 3 1 Defense die red.png
Chewbacca Rebel 110 9 2 2 Defense die white.png
Luke Skywalker (Operative) Rebel 200 7 4 2 Defense die red.png
R2-D2 Rebel 35 4 2 1 Defense die white.png
Sabine Wren Rebel 125 5 2 3 Defense die red.png
Cad Bane Separatist 125 6 3 2 Defense die white.png
Maul Separatist 160 6 3 2 Defense die red.png

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