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Gear is a category of upgrade in Star Wars: Legion.

Units that can equip a Gear upgrade are:

Symbol empire.png
Imperial Units
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Symbol- -rebel.png
Rebel Units
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Equipment Introduced In Point Cost Restrictions Other Text
Grappling Hooks Q1 2018 3 None You gain Expert Climber (While clambering, do not roll defense dice or suffer wounds.)
Targeting Scopes Q1 2018 6 (4) None You gain Precise 1 (When you spend an aim token, reroll up to 1 additional die.)
Environmental Gear Q1 2018 3 None You gain Unhindered (You ignore the effects of difficult terrain.)
Recon Intel Q4 2018 2 None You gain Scout 1 (After you deploy, you may perform a speed-1 move.)
Emergency Stims Q4 2018 8 (12) None During an attack, when you would suffer wounds, prevent up to 2 wounds and place an equal number of wound tokens on this card instead. If you do, at the end of your next activation, discard each token on this card and suffer wounds equal to the number of tokens discarded.
Electrobinoculars Q3 2019 5 None You gain Card Action icon-2.png Spotter 1 (Choose 1 friendly unit at range 1. That unit gains 1 aim token.)

B1 Battle Droids can ignore this card's Gear upgrade icon requirement.

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