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Force is a category of upgrade in Star Wars: Legion.

Units that can equip a Force upgrade are:

Symbol empire.png
Imperial Units
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Symbol- -rebel.png
Rebel Units
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Separatist symbol.png
Separatist Alliance
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Republic republic symbol.png
Galactic Republic
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Force Power Introduced In Point Cost Restrictions Other Text
Force Choke Q1 2018 5 Dark Side Only. Exhaustible

Action: Choose an enemy trooper mini at range 1 that is not a commander. It suffers 1 wound.

Jedi Mind Trick Q1 2018 5 Light Side Only.


Action: Choose an enemy trooper at range 1-2. It gains 2 suppression tokens.

Battle Meditation Q1 2018 10 (5) None When you issue orders, one of those orders can be issued to any friendly unit on the battlefield.
Force Push Q1 2018 10 None Exhaustible

Action: Choose an enemy trooper unit at range 1. Perform a speed-1 move with that unit, even if it is engaged.

Saber Throw Q1 2018 10 (5) None Card Action icon-2.png Choose 1 of your melee weapons. Perform a ranged attack with that weapon against an enemy at range 1-2, using half of that weapon's dice, rounded up. This is treated as an attack action.
Force Reflexes Q1 2018 15 (10) None Exhaustible

Action: Gain 1 dodge token.

Anger Q2 2018 5 Dark Side Only After you suffer 1 or more wounds, gain 1 aim token.
Force Guidance Q3 2019 10 None. Card Action icon.png Choose up to 2 friendly units at range 1-2. Each chosen unit gains 1 surge token.
Hope Q3 2019 3 Light Side only. You gain Inspire 1 (After your rally step, remove up to 1 suppression token from another friendly unit at range 1-2.)
Fear Q4 2019 3 Dark Side only. You gain Demoralize 1 (After your Rally step, an enemy unit range 1-2 gains up to 1 suppression token.)
Force Barrier Q4 2020 10 None Exhaustible

While another friendly trooper unit at range 1 is defending against a ranged attack, during the Modify Attack Dice step, cancel either 1 crit result or up to 2 hit results.

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