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Comms is a category of upgrade in Star Wars: Legion.

Units that can equip a Comms upgrade are:

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Imperial Units
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Galactic Republic Units
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Rebel Units
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Separatist Alliance Units
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Comms Introduced In Point Cost Restrictions Other Text
Long-Range Comlink Q1 2018 10 (5) None During the command phase, you may be issued orders as though you are in range of the nominated commander.
Comms Jammer Q1 2018 15 (5) None

Enemy units at range 1 cannot be issued orders, unless they are issuing an order to themselves.

HQ Uplink Q2 2018 10 None


During the Issue Orders step of the Command Phase, issue an order to yourself.

Comms Relay Q1 2019 5 None

Non-Emplacement Trooper Only

When you would be issued an order, you may choose a friendly unit at range 1-2. Issue an order to the chosen unit instead. If you do, you cannot be issued another order during this round.

Linked Targeting Array Q3 2019 5 Emplacement Trooper or Vehicle only. You gain Target 1 (After you are issued an order, gain 1 aim token.)
Integrated Comms Antenna Q4 2019 3 Droid Trooper Only. During the Command Phase, you can be issued orders by friendly Commander or Operative inits at range 1-4.

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