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Commander is a rank of unit in Star Wars: Legion. Click expand to see the Rules Reference's glossary on "Commander".

The Commander icon2.png icon indicates that a unit has the rank of commander. Commanders are powerful heroes and villains that can issue orders to other units. When building a standard army, a player may include up to two commander units.

  • Each unique commander has three command cards specific to that commander which can only be used if that commander is included in an army.
    • Commander-specific command cards are identified by the image in the upper-right corner that matches the image on that commander’s unit card and by the name of that commander appearing below the name of the command card.
    • A player can include any number of a commander’s command cards in their command hand, but can include no more than one copy of each card.
  • If a player’s last commander is defeated, that player can promote a new commander during the End Phase.
    • To promote a commander, a player chooses any of their trooper units on the battlefield and places a commander token next to that unit.
    • When a player promotes a commander, they discard that unit’s order token from the game and replace it with a commander-rank order token.
    • A player activates a promoted commander using a commander-rank order token instead of the rank printed on the unit’s card.
    • A unit that has been promoted to commander does not retain its previous rank. It is considered to be a commander and to have the rank of commander for all game effects and game play purposes.
    • In the rare instance where a player no longer has a trooper unit to promote, they no longer have a commander and cannot play command cards.
  • If a unit is at range 1–3 of a friendly commander, it may use that commander’s courage value instead of its own when checking to see if it is panicked.
    • A courage value of “–” is considered infinite when checking whether a unit is panicked, including when a unit is using a friendly commander’s courage value.

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Imperial Units
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Separatist Alliance Units
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Symbol- -rebel.png
Rebel Units
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Galactic Republic Units
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Unit Faction Point Cost Wound Threshold Courage Value Speed Defense Die
Darth Vader Empire 200 8 - 1 Defense die red.png
Director Orson Krennic Empire 90 6 2 2 Defense die white.png
Emperor Palpatine Empire 210 5 4 1 Defense die red.png
General Veers Empire 80 5 2 2 Defense die red.png
Iden Versio Empire 100 6 3 2 Defense die red.png
Imperial Officer Empire 50 4 2 2 Defense die white.png
Cassian Andor Rebel 90 6 2 2 Defense die white.png
Han Solo Rebel 120 6 2 2 Defense die white.png
Jyn Erso Rebel 130 6 3 2 Defense die white.png
Luke Skywalker Rebel 160 6 3 2 Defense die red.png
Leia Organa Rebel 90 6 2 2 Defense die white.png
Rebel Officer Rebel 50 4 2 2 Defense die white.png
Count Dooku Separatist Alliance 205 6 3 2 Defense die red.png
General Grievous Separatist Alliance 175 8 2 2 Defense die red.png
Anakin Skywalker Galactic Republic 160 6 3 2 Defense die red.png
Clone Captain Rex Galactic Republic 90 5 2 2 Defense die red.png
Obi-Wan Kenobi Galactic Republic 175 6 3 2 Defense die red.png

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